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Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

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Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

Post by Kenma on Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:11 pm

General Character Information

Name: Kenma
Gender: Male
Age: 472 years old, in human years. I have no idea how dragon years work lmao
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Ice dragon
Dynasty: Forest Dynasty

Character Appearance

Height: 49 feet tall, 108 feet long, with a wingspan that stretches up to 120 feet.
Eyes: Yellow
Appearance: (Can't post a link, apparently I'm 'too new' <.>)

Kenma's head is rather small, with three large horns protruding from the back, the horn in the middle containing some kind of jewel at its end. Below each of his horns - excluding the one with the jewel in it - are three small spikes, lining his jaw. He has tough, blue-grey skin that is warm and smooth to the touch. His neck and back are lined with soft hair, and the tip of his tail also has long white hair instead of skin. He is usually seen without his claws as they're retracted, but he can 'unsheathe' them.

Personality and Traits

Personality:  Kenma would be what you call a "chill" dragon; he has a very relaxed and laid back personality, and hardly ever loses his cool. He usually never gets excited or fired up about anything, giving others the impression of a calm, composed dragon. He is quiet and reserved and does not often voice his opinions, since he is afraid of what others might think of him, and has a tendency to bluntly state something, sometimes losing friends because of this. Kenma is not very approachable (as he's kinda awkward, and he also prefers to be alone) and doesn't make friends easily. He rarely shows emotions; as such, he usually ends up giving a cold impression to others. His manner of speaking tends to be shy and can respond to another dragon's attempt to start up a conversation with one-word answers. Kenma is loyal though. Very loyal. Betrayal is not in his nature, and surprisingly, he's a bit gullible, tending to believe another dragon's every word. He doesn't really see the bad side of people, often focusing on the good parts of them. Kenma, underneath all that 'coldness', is actually a really nice dragon, showing his affection and care for others in small, simple gestures that most would have dismissed as nothing. He's patient, able to sit down and listen calmly while someone vented to him. He often has trouble expressing himself though, and others tend to misinterpret his words.
- Observing dragons from afar, and trying to determine their personality. He often spends his day doing this, somehow finding it fun. Either that or:
- Playing with snow. Or...
- Practicing the fine art of healing. Or collecting special-looking flowers just for the fun of it.
- Pretty flowers
- Snow
- Apple pie!!
- Playing around with his magic abilities, like freezing an item and melting the ice repeatedly.
- While he might not be the biggest conversationalist, he likes having someone to spend time with, whether it be sitting next to each other in silence, or exploring.
- Oddly enough, he likes playing with hatchlings, and caring for them.
- Being in large crowds
- Judgmental dragons
- Standing out
- Getting tired
- Being made fun of

- Kenma has a very strong will and mind. It is hard to possess him, or use abilities/cast any spells on him that try to 'invade' his privacy, like seeing through his eyes, walking into his dreams, etc. Illusions also rarely work on him.
- Kenma is hard to catch, because he's fast, reaching a speed of 110MPH if pushed (though he can't maintain at that speed for long) and he's nimble and agile. He's an all-rounder, meaning he can be fast in both the air and on the ground.
- Kenma is very observant. The tiniest of things usually are noticed by him, and he uses this to his advantage, piecing together a pattern that his opponent uses, then aiming to get around it.
Flaws: His fears are of the dark, of being exiled, and of losing the ability to see or hear.
His combat weaknesses are:
- Kenma's stamina is very, very low and he gets tired easily.
- Kenma might be an all-rounder when it comes to moving fast - both in the air and on the ground - but he has a weakness when in the air. He can move quickly, but he's considerably more clumsy, and loses his balance easily, which means that strong gusts or wings or being crashed into can cause him to fall.
- If Kenma's attention is divided, so is the strength of his attacks.
- Some of Kenma's magic abilities have a huge weakness to fire. Self-explanatory.
- Kenma has light and hollow bones, like a bird's, and are easily crushed.
- His scales cannot be melted by fire, but he is still vulnerable to fire as he's sensitive to it. Exposure to fire hurts twice as much as it should. The heat (at least 35°C) affects the strength of his magic abilities, reducing its strength by 30%.
- Kenma's wing membranes are easily shredded. Like his scales, they're very delicate and sensitive, hurting when stabbed or exposed to fire.


Family: Deceased; killed by rogues who cornered them and set them on fire, literally.
Mate: None.
Children: None.


History: Will be revealed through rp because I'm too lazy to type it out now!
RP paragraph: Kenma stared - or rather, squinted through the blinding light that the sun cast onto him, probably in an attempt to shoo him away - at the desolate landscape that stretched out in front of it, barren of any plants or animals. The last time he'd been here, he'd seen through his five-year-old eyes, and he'd been utterly helpless as he'd watched them burn. He winced at the memory, and wondered, as the sun's merciless heat attacked him, how much worse the heat of the fire must have been. Much worse, Kenma concluded, but he wasn't going to torture himself here. His gaze darted around, looking for any sign of shelter, but found none. Either he stayed here in the blistering heat to mourn his parents or returned home. The latter would be the wiser choice, but he wasn't going to stop doing what he did every year on this day. So he stood there, wings folded, and faced the burnt patch of ground, closing his eyes and mourning them silently.

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Re: Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:18 am

Hello there Kenma! Before I have more of a deeper look into your character (oops, I already have :p ) there are several things I'm going to need you to change.

As said in the dragon species, this is what has been documented for the Ice dragons.

Admin wrote:Ice dragon

Ice dragons are pretty cool and really like to chill. Generally, these dragons stand anywhere from 75-160 feet tall, their hatchlings being one of the larger ones and can be up to 7 feet tall. These dragons are generally seen with ice almost growing on their wings and shoulders, or they have incredibly thick fur to keep them warm to help allow them to live in freezing cold environments. It is incredibly uncommon for an ice dragon to have feathered wings. Ice dragons cannot go into the volcanic and the hot areas without overheating, especially if they have a fur coat. Dragons who have scales are more able to tolerate the heat, but they get a constant negative feeling because of the heat they are in.

Their colours range from a variety of blues to blacks, to whites and to faintly patterned hide. With these dragons, their breath is that of icy winds which can chill and freeze other dragons hides. They themselves and their relatives aren't as influenced by this coldness as it is what they are used to living in. Their breath also can cripple fire dragons just as much as flames will cripple them. Things to note about these dragons is that they can also go up to speeds of 60MPH in their flight, the larger ones only able to go around 45MPH.

Your dragon breeches the speed that the ice dragons can go by almost double it. You also are much too short for an ice dragon as dragons around that age have stopped growing. Please increase the size of your dragon and decrease the speed. Also, I would like you to include how many posts that they can go at this speed for.

Bump when you're done~


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Re: Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

Post by Kenma on Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:45 pm

Would it be okay if he could run fast?

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Re: Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

Post by Ignacia on Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:47 pm

It depends on how fast Razz If their strength is with running, then I can see that they would be able to run up to 60MPH, potentially.


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Re: Kenma, Dragon of the Forest

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