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Aero Dynamic

Aero Dynamic

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Aero Dynamic

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:38 pm

General Character Information

Name: Aero Dynamic
Gender: Female
Age: 227 Years
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Dark-Sky Dragon
Dynasty: N/A

Character Appearance

Height: 54 Feet
Length: 108 Feet
Appearance: Starting from her head she has two horns on the back of her head. These horns are an off-white color and are angled at around 25 degrees. Next are her spines, also an off-white color. She has three spines on her muzzle, three on top of her head, and the rest going down her back. They stop 1/3 down her tail, getting smaller as they do so. For the ones on her head, the middle spine is always the biggest. These spines react to her mood, making them stand when happy or surprised and making them fall when sad, worried, or mad and having then be in between when bored and neutral. Next are her eyes. She has sky blue eyes that dimly glow in the dark. At certain times of the day, they may even blend in with the sky. Her muzzle is rounded with a medium length dark reddish-pink tongue. Following that she has a dark gold underbelly. This starts under her neck and goes down to the tip of her tail. From that we have the legs, that at the end of have five claws, one acting like a thumb enabling her to pick up objects. This is similar on her hind legs, although she doesn't have a 'thumb' per say. Her wing membrane is slightly see-though, and is a lighter gray than the black of her scales. Speaking of her scales, they are black, making it so that she can blend in easier at night. They are actually covered in dark gold spots, but she can't even notice them. Her scales are circular and in some places may overlap.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Aero is the kind of dragon that would rather watch someone then approach them, at least at first. She likes to know her opponents before they know her, if she has the chance. She can be a bit reckless and likes to push dragons's buttons and make them angry, only for them to become more of an amusement to her use of entertainment. When she's bored she tends to do things a bit unreasonable, like accepting fights from dragons. Aero also hates the Dynasties, mostly because they don't have freedom. Why would anyone want to listen to another dragon? If you try and tell her what to do she will most likely just laugh at you.

Hobbies: Aero loves to fly, she is part Sky Dragon. She uses flying as her main mode of transportation, or to get away from people faster. She's actually a pretty good flier too, able to do many aerial maneuvers. It's also a lot easier and faster than running.Flying would have to be another thing she loves to do. Aero would accept a race if someone asked her too, being cocky and claiming that she would win without even knowing the other dragon.

With any reasonable predator, she likes to hunt. I mean, if she didn't hunt what would she do? Scavenge for her pounds upon pounds of food? Good luck. Her main source of food is deer, although she'll eat other things she will come upon. She'd have to be a good hunter to sustain herself.

Another thing Aero likes is the nighttime. At night, she can practically blend in with the night sky. It's also calm at night, just herself in the cool air with a few other night-time predators. If she hasn't done a lot in the day time, she will take a nice flight at night.

Interests: Aero is rather interested in shiny things. If something shiny catches her eye she will go down to investigate. Among her deer stash is little shiny objects as well, as she will collect them.

She enjoys storms as well, but not dry hot storms- raining thunderstorms. When she was a child the loud sounds used to scare her, but as she got older she watched it one night and realized that it wasn't so bad, and that it was beautiful.

Aero has always been a bit kinder to young dragons. She has also been a tad more patient with them, even if she doesn’t have much of that. Maybe it’s because they’re cute, or if they don’t have a family, she feels bad for them. It could also be because she wants babies of her own one day.

Lastly, she likes to learn stuff. Knowledge is something Aero finds... interesting. She won't admit this and most of the time she acts annoyed or like she already knew about it, unless she learned it from another dragon.

Dislikes: Her list of dislikes goes a long way, and many are closer to the top than others. The one that she considers first would have to be the Dynasties. Aero doesn't understand them, who in their right mind would want to live under the control of another dragon without the freedoms to do whatever they want? It's disgusting.

Rotten food is terrible, it smells bad, looks bad, and it virtually inedible. This would be the thing that killed her if she ran out of food. The thing she hates most is when one of her deer stash is rotten, especially if it shouldn't have been.

What she says is second is annoying dragons. Annoying dragons also fall under the category of dragons smarter than her, for they are all annoying. Most of the time she can't handle them for long. She can handle dumb dragons better, for they most likely aren't going to kill her. This also goes along the category of annoying when someone tries to steal from her, may it be deer or other little things she might keep in her cave. Bottom line, she doesn't like to be annoyed.

Aero doesn't like dragons that are bigger than her, mostly due to the fact that they can overpower her more easily. She is more likely to be rude to bigger dragons, and even try to provoke them more, despite the fact that they are most like more powerful than her.

The next thing she doesn't like is the heat. She doesn't like summer as much because of this, making it hard to sleep in the evening and 'harder to fly' in the day. She tries to avoid heat at all costs by going into the shade, water, or just a colder place.

Maybe this should be higher up on the list, but Aero doesn't really try to express it. This dislike is losing. Everyone hates losing, but Aero will try her best not to show it. She may seem annoyed, but she'll most likely keep the yelling to herself. Why, I don't know.

What she calls her last dislike is; being bored. She doesn't like to be bored because it's, well, boring! To be honest, she'd rather fight off dragons than be bored. Being bored is mainly what causes her to get into fights.

Skills: Aero's a pretty good flier. As her main mode of transportation, she'd have to be. She can do many moves, like twirls, dives, flips, ect. She can also fly really fast, especially if she picks up speed from diving, able to reach up to 105mph. Flying is a lot faster than running.

Aero is a fast learner... most of the time. She learns quick what not to do, and how to do stuff. Sometimes though, she might be unable to do some of the stuff someone tries to teach her, which can lead her irritated. When learning some things she can be patient, like when she learned how long it takes for a normal deer to go rotten. When someone else is trying to teach her, she may act more like a bad school child...

She is able to pick up things with her paws and tail. Her paws has a thumb like a humans, making it so that she's able to pick objects up and examine them. With her tail, it's very flexible and able to curl around an object like a snake, making it so she can pick things up with it. She's also able to fit things in her mouth if needed.

Flaws: Aero can be really cocky at sometimes, thinking that she is better and stronger than everyone else. It's usually what causes her to get into fights. Sometimes she can say things just to be rude or provoke others.

If you tie her muzzle up she won't be able to bite, and if you tie her wings up she won't be able to fly. Same with tying up her legs, she won't be able to run or claw you. This is the easiest way to capture her safely, especially if you tied up all of her limbs and mouth.

When bored she does things that she normally wouldn't do for entertainment. She's more likely to get into fights when bored and other things that can cause her trouble.

Like most animals, her underbelly is softer than the rest of her, making it a big weak spot. Her eyes are also easy to hurt as they too are less protected.

Patience is something that Aero is not known for. She has a bit of it, but if you told her to be still in a river and that she’d eventually get fish, she’d only be able to do that if she was starving. She’d either complain about the cold water or the fact that it was taking too long. She has an okay patience with other dragons, if they’re not rude or annoying.

Aero was never trained to fight, so someone with training would most likely be able to beat her as they might have better technique.  The only real fighting Aero has done has been against other dragons, and for her life, which is where she learned to fight- by instinct.


Family: Mother (Sky Dragon) - Unknown
Father (Dark Dragon) - Unknown
Brother - Unknown
Brother - Unknown
Sister - Unknown
Sister - Unknown
*All siblings are Dark-Sky mix
**PM me if you'd be interested in RPing as one
Mate: N/A
*PM me if you'd like to RP a possible mate (No guarantees)
Children: N/A


History: What she will tell you is that she was abandoned from hatching and taught herself how to... be a dragon. More to be revealed through RP.

RP paragraph: A breath of fresh air told Aero that there would be a storm tonight. The smell of rain in the air was almost unbearable. She shook, excited. It had been cloudy all day, rather boring as she could tell. All the dragoness did today was re-scent her proclaimed borders so dragons would think twice before entering her territory. She had waited long enough, the sky was beginning to dim. Soon the rain would follow, putting in the best combination- a nighttime storm. Things like this always put her in the best of moods, now she just needed one thing to complete it.

The dark dragoness spread her wings, and with a release of her breath, took off into the darkening sky. A light sprinkle had already started and she knew she couldn't be out for long. Just enough so that she could get her heart pumping, feel her muscles work and her blood pump throughout her body. Then she could go back home and enjoy the storm.

Yes, that was what she was going to do.

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