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Dynasty Creation

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Dynasty Creation

Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:43 pm

So Guest, you're interested in making a Dynasty? Well, here you'll find all of the requirements you need and an application for it! Once you fulfill all of the requirements, don't hesitate to get your application up!


Before you can throw up an application, you have to meet a few requirements.

There is a post requirement of at least 150 posts. Yes, it may seem high but we don't want someone to make a Dynasty then disappear. These also can't be all random posts, and we will be requiring you to post 4 RP links with your application. The more active you are, the easier it will be to get this!

Before you can make your Dynasty, you have to have 5 dragons that will join. One of this is yourself, so you only need to find 4 other people. This doesn't include alts, this means 4 other users who have a dragon that will join you. If we go and ask them then they all have to agree to wanting to join you. Don't just throw 4 random people in. They also must be active members.

If you want to be the one creating and leading the Dynasty, you can't have any other leader positions. If you do, you must step down from there. You also can't be the creator of another Dynasty, as a user can only create one Dynasty. Even if you aren't the leader of the Dynasty anymore, you are not allowed to create another one.

Other Information

Just some useful information about your Dynasty! This includes how not to loose it.

Unique Ranks
Once you hit 10 members, your Dynasty will unlock a Unique Rank! This requires 7 different members, but with the original 5 members you'll only need 2 more users and 3 more dragons to complete this!

At 20 members, your Dynasty will get a Champion! You'll need 15 different members to get this,

Member Drop
Say your members drop below 5, what happens? Well, you'll have two weeks to get your member level at 5 or more or else your Dynasty will be removed. Sorry!


So, you've finished all of your requirements and are ready to make your application. Copy from the box below and make a new topic under Dynasty Registration. After a little while a staff will look at it

[b][u]Dynasty Information[/u][/b]

[b]Dynasty Name:[/b] (What is the name of your Dynasty?)
[b]Dynasty Color:[/b] (What color code do you want your Dynasty to be? Make sure it's distinguishable from the other groups!)
[b]Dynasty Members:[/b] (Include the starting members of your group, including you, here.)

[b][u]Dynasty Descriptions[/u][/b]

[b]Dynasty Description:[/b] (What's your Dynasty like? What's it about? This will be added on the Dynasty page.)
[b]Territory Description:[/b] (Give a description of where your Dynasty would live.)

[b][u]User Information[/u][/b]

[b]Main Account:[/b] (What's your main account?)
[b]Alt. Accounts:[/b] (Do you have any alts? If so, list them here. If not, put N/A.)
[b]Leader:[/b] (Which character is going to be the leader of the Dynasty? Include the app too.)
[b]RP's:[/b] (Please post 4 RP links with you in it, under any character.)

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