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Gaia, Forest Dynasty Leader

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Gaia, Forest Dynasty Leader

Post by Gaia on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:13 pm

General Character Information

Name: Gaia
Gender: Female
Age: 1834
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Nature dragon (Uncommon)
Dynasty: Leader of Forest Dynasty

Character Appearance

Height: 183 feet tall
Length: 268 feet long.
Gaia is a rather large, no, incredibly large and bulky dragon. Her wings are constantly curled at her side, too flimsy to really use. Along her back and on the tip of her tail, plants and other organic things like that grow rather freely along her. Gaia's scales are rather small but incredibly sturdy and they cover her body rather easily. Across her forehead is a rather intricate pattern that she had basically scarred across her. Her eyes, however, are rather unusual. They are white.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Gaia is a very sensitive dragon. She's also over caring, passionate and very calm. More often than not, she will take any insults and just calmly reply to the one who is throwing them, much to the annoyance of other fire dragons. Gaia prefers to spend time with the people of her tribe, aiming to get to know each and every one of them personally and gain their trust. She is a pacifist and will also do anything to calm down fights and ensure that they don't happen. When people go to war, if Gaia finds out about it, she surely would do everything in her power to stop it and also keep her people safe.
~Walking around in gardens which she creates.
~Talking with others and spending time with them.
~Gardens and flowers, nature in general.
~Relaxing to observe others around her.
~Peace. She just wants peace and a calm atmosphere around her.

~Gaia is incredibly bulky, meaning she can take an incredibly amount of hits before going down.
~Due to her weight and bulk, her attacks, if they connect, deal incredible amounts of damage. A claw swipe from her can snap a fire dragon's arm.
~Gaia is also incredibly hard to move with wind. Her sheer weight just keeps her on the ground and it takes an incredibly powerful wind ability to knock her airborne. That being said, a pinpoint wind attack can still make her stumble and stagger.
~She simply can't fly. Her wings are too fragile for that.
~Even though she has them basically covering her, the plants are flammable. So any fire dragon or dragon with igniting capabilities can light them on fire.
~Gaia is incredibly heavy, meaning quick movements are impossible for her.
~Gaia is also a little older than other dragons, meaning she is more vulnerable to attacks.


Family: Deceased.
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Revealed through RP.
RP paragraph:
Pain. Suffering. Doom.
Three things that Gaia hated the most. She felt the anger of them bloom in her chest but Gaia did her best to keep a very calm facade around her. With a gentle smile, she inclined her head. "You claim to want to help... But all you do, Vukan, is bring destruction where ever you go."

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Re: Gaia, Forest Dynasty Leader

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:20 am

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