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RP Rules

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RP Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:51 am

1. No Powerplaying

Powerplaying – Controling someone else's character without their permission.

Powerplaying is in no way acceptable on DU. If you see any powerplaying in an RP, without the note that they got approval from the other member, please contact a staff member immediately.
This also includes controlling someone else's abilities. If they throw a fireball at you and you make it fizzle out into nothing before it hit you, this is a form of powerplay. You are absolutely not allowed to control other dragons abilities or movements.

2. No Metaplay

Metaplay – Knowledge that your character should not have access to.

Metaplay is also not allowed on DU. Any sight of it should be reported to a staff member. Doing this the first time results in a warning/reminder. After this and depending on the severity of the next metaplay, you might be given another warning or banned from the site.

3. 5 Sentences Minimum
There must be at least 5 sentences per RP reply. One liners all over the place will be considered as spam, and just overall don't provide anywhere for the next person to reply to. So if you've just been doing spam posts, you will also not be in the running for the Champion for that Dynasty.

4. NPC's are for Staff only
Members are not allowed to use the main NPC's, as they are reserved for staff only. You may still use a random rogue, guard or things like that, but no dragon that has been made for staff use. The current NPC which the staff include:


Use of these characters in your topic when a staff member is not controlling them will result in the topic being locked and, depending on the severity of the rule break, voided completely. That means all the work put into it will become nullified, it will not exist.

5. Sexual or gore content.

This is self explanatory. No graphic details about how you injure a dragon, if you manage to strike it. Keep it simple, broken bones, deep gash, things like that. Any over explaining of these things is NOT ACCEPTABLE. It will result in the post being removed completely and a temporary ban from DU.

Sexual content, this is also a no go. Nuzzle and hug one another, sure you can pass along a kiss. But anything more than that will see your account temporarily banned and your post removed. That is, if you don't receive a permanent ban for breaking this rule. Any repeat offences of this will result in a permanent and non-negotiatable ban for up to however many months staff decide your ban should be.

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