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Dragon Species

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Dragon Species

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:11 pm

In this world, there are many types of different dragons which can be used. These can be classified as common, uncommon and rare dragon species. Uncommon and rare species are generally closed unless you have been given permission by an admin to create them or have received them in a reward for participating in an event. You can also ‘unlock’ them by reaching a certain amount of posts with your main character. Please note that you can make ‘total’ amounts of posts by combining the post counts of all of your alts. But if one is used for spam, it will be disregarded in the post count.

IF you want to, you can also ‘upgrade’ one of your dragons to the rarer dragon type. So you can have a fire dragon become a magma dragon.

Common Dragon Species

Earth dragon

Earth dragons are incredibly bulky beasts. They stand from 30-200 feet tall, the hatchlings being around 5 feet tall at max. They are able to withstand physical punishment that other dragons can deal out to them with ease. Their hide is incredibly tough and can hold under the initial attacks. However, some dragons attacks can strike through their scales. A downside to these dragons is that they are mainly earthbound. Their wings act as more of a decorative tool than anything else. That being said, there are some earth dragons who can fly, despite their rather heavy weight. Something to note is that their breath is rather odd and is corrosive. It can melt down rocks and other earth dragon hide. Normal coloured hide for these dragons include browns to greens, but there are also cases of earth dragons having yellow, orange and white tinges to their hides.

Fire dragon

Fire dragons are the typical fire-breathing dragon who enjoy terrorising the countryside and being reckless brutes who slap people around. They are quite large due to their muscular frame and stand anywhere between 30-160 feet tall but the average is only around 100 feet tall. These dragons are the best brawlers, able to dish out hits just as good as they can take them. Be sure to include that your dragon is a good fighter if you want them to have this skill. Fire dragons are also able to fly rather well, up to around 60MPH. Their colours are generally that of oranges, blacks, reds, yellows and tans. Fire dragons have a flaming breath that can get to incredibly high temperatures. It is easily high enough to melt steel and iron as well as burn other dragons hide. But fire dragons and their relatives are able to withstand the intense heat for longer periods of time than other species. Other dragons species would have their scales melted and burned long before any relatives to the fire dragons scales would.

However, even though they have such resistances to heat and the warm environment, the colder ones bite into their scales. When they are in the cold or in the water, they are crippled and the cold always eats at them. They must have this in their weaknesses unless they have their strengths stating that they can tolerate cooler environments.

Ice dragon

Ice dragons are pretty cool and really like to chill. Generally, these dragons stand anywhere from 75-160 feet tall, their hatchlings being one of the larger ones and can be up to 7 feet tall. These dragons are generally seen with ice almost growing on their wings and shoulders, or they have incredibly thick fur to keep them warm to help allow them to live in freezing cold environments. It is incredibly uncommon for an ice dragon to have feathered wings. Ice dragons cannot go into the volcanic and the hot areas without overheating, especially if they have a fur coat. Dragons who have scales are more able to tolerate the heat, but they get a constant negative feeling because of the heat they are in.

Their colours range from a variety of blues to blacks, to whites and to faintly patterned hide. With these dragons, their breath is that of icy winds which can chill and freeze other dragons hides. They themselves and their relatives aren't as influenced by this coldness as it is what they are used to living in. Their breath also can cripple fire dragons just as much as flames will cripple them. Things to note about these dragons is that they can also go up to speeds of 60MPH in their flight, the larger ones only able to go around 45MPH.

Dark dragon

Dark dragons are incredibly mysterious. They stand around 25-120 feet tall, their hatchlings being around 4 feet tall. Dark dragons have a hide colour which is mainly black, but can have faint colours of grey, purple and blues. These dragons are able to manipulate shadows to do their will. Some of these dragons have the unique ability to be able to breathe out poisons. These poisons, if inhaled, can do a variety of different things. One thing to note though is that these poisons can only kill if the dragon inhales an incredible amount. Other dark dragons and dragons related to these have resistances to the poisons. If they have these resistances, it must be stated in the strengths section.

Their hide has a fragile design and they are unable to withstand many attacks at all. Generally, claws are able to pierce their hide. There are some dragons who have odd hides which can withstand more attacks. Because of their slim and fragile design, their wings are able to carry them at speeds of up to 90MPH and are one of the fastest dragons species. Dragons who can go this fast cannot have bulky hides.

Sky dragon

These dragons are rather small, around 15-60 feet tall, with their hatchlings standing at 3 feet. These are also one of the fastest dragon species, topping around 120MPH with the more agile sky dragons. These dragons have a variety of colours that they come in, and they can be any colour ASIDE from black. Sky dragons are incredibly unique as they are the only common dragon species that can have multiple sets of wings. The maximum sets which they can have are 2. Another thing with their wings is that they are normally feathered. On occasion, they can have leathery wings, but it is a rarer trait to inherit.

Although these dragons are the fastest, it comes with incredible drawbacks. They cannot take any hits at all. Even the more bulky sky dragon can go down to a strike from a fire dragon. They are agile and rely on superior aerial manoeuvres to win their fights. Sky dragons can command gusts of wind to come from their maw, which can knock down, even the bulky and heavy earth dragons.

Water dragon

Water dragons are 20-85 feet tall, their hatchlings being around 4 feet tall. These dragons are primarily blues and colours of the ocean. There are no single coloured sea dragons. So bright yellow sea dragons, reds and other randomly bright colours like that do not exist. That being said, you can still come across bright blue sea dragons as it is one of the colours that they can be. Instead of wings, they primarily have large fins across their back. Some, rarely, do have wings. They also have webbing between their toes to help them to swim through the waters which they make their homes. Their scales are more of a hide than scaly and are incredibly smooth-looking.  

Water dragons shoot water from their mouths at high speeds, either scalding hot or freezing cold. This water can burn or cool down dragons with thin hides, such as dark dragons and sky dragons. If these dragons have wings, they are rather sluggish with their flight and they can move up to 50MPH through the air. Through the water, they dominate and can undergo bursts of speed of up to 100MPH.

Uncommon Dragon Species

*Check back later for more information!*

Rare Dragon Species

*Check back later for more information!*

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