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K'nouk Dragon of the Spectre

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K'nouk Dragon of the Spectre

Post by K'nouk on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:33 pm

General Character Information

Name: K’nouk
Gender: Male
Age: 784 Years
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Dark Dragon
Dynasty: Spectre Dynasty

Character Appearance

Height: 75 Feet
Length: 189 Feet
Appearance: K'nouk is a rather slim dragon. If you asked him, he would say that he is good looking and likes to be complimented on his appearance. He has dark brown eyes that almost seem like they are black. His hide is mostly black with a white underbelly, paws, and tail tip. He can easily hide this white by laying down. K'nouk's wings are all black with a wingspan of around 346ft. He has two pure black horns on the back of his head and a row of spines down his back to the tip of his tail of the same color. His tail is very long, about 40 feet long.

Personality and Traits

Personality: K'nouk is a rather sly dragon. He is very manipulative and likes to know things. If there is something he doesn't know he will find it out. He is very vain and likes to keep clean. He hates imperfection. K'nouk is very loyal to his Dynasty and will do whatever a higher up tells him. He does everything he can to get all of the information out of someone that he can. He compromises easily. He doesn't like to fight, especially because he is weak, but he will gladly do a mental fight. He can fake emotion, but has no real loving emotions.

Hobbies: Meeting New Dragons. He likes to get to know dragons.
Information. He likes to gather information.
Aeron. He likes to do things that he does.

Interests: Games. Especially factual games.
Darkness. It comforts him.
Messing with dragons. One of his favorite things would be to mentally mess with dragons.
Compromise. You don't get something for nothing, and he loves when dragons compromise.
Vanity. He loves how he looks.
Aeron. He respects him and is loyal to him.

Dislikes: Dirt. Getting anything on his scales annoys him to no end.
Brightness. It hinders his sight and abilities and is just plain annoying.
Messing up. This frustrates him.
Unloyal Dragons. Trying anything in this kingdom is a bad idea...
Imperfection. He is a perfectionist.
Fighting. He can't physically fight and it ruins his scales.
Aeron. While this is not a dislike persay, he is rather scared of him.

Skills: Flight. Can reach 75mph.
Chatter. He is rather elegant and can be persuasive.
Stealth. His dark scales help him blend into dark places.
No remorse. If ordered to by someone higher than him, K'nouk will stop at nothing to complete it.
Disguise. He is great at hiding his real emotions and replacing them with fake ones.
Lying. He is a skilled liar and may be able to spot another lier easily, but would rather make sure he is right before calling them out.
Memory. K'nouk is able to remember the weak points of his enemies once he's learned them and who they belong to. This would also be known as photographic memory, but it only works to those points. He only remembers what stands out about the dragon to be able to identify it, so if that changes then he won't be able to recognize them.
Mental Resistance. Due to his strong mind and weak hide, mental abilities don't affect him as much.

Flaws: Weak Hide. Any little bump or scrape will injure it, which means that other dragons can do worse.
Chatter. He speaks too much for his own good.
Vanity. He likes to keep his looks up
Physically weak. He wouldn't last a second in physical combat. His claws are small and would only make light cuts if anything at all. If he tried to break someone's bone, he'd look strange doing it and it would take a long time for him to be able to. The most he might be able to do is bruise another dragon.
Dark hide. Any light places will make him stand out.
Brightness. Bright places will make it hard for him to see, and sudden brightness will blind him temporarily.
Emotions. K'nouk never grew up will a loving family, so any love he has is fake. This is what allows him to have no remorse from what he does.
Imperfection. Hating this would make him a bad father.
Family. He has no clue what a real family is like.


Family: Deceased
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Reveal through RP
RP paragraph: K'nouk smiled into the still water before moving on. It was nighttime which meant it would be dark, and nothing would be bright. At least he hoped so. K'nouk walked further to the edge of their territory. He wondered who he'd meet tonight.

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Re: K'nouk Dragon of the Spectre

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:15 pm


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