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Arkhor - Guardian of Seas

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Arkhor - Guardian of Seas

Post by Arkhor on Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:14 pm

General Character Information

Name: Arkhor
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Water Dragon
Dynasty: Atlantean Dynasty

Character Appearance

Height: 44ft , Length 62ft
Appearance: Mostly like the image above for appearance with mainly blues for scale colour and orange for his fins and horns. His eyes matching the same orange along with his chest.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Ark is a protective, but kind Dragon. Who looks after his own kind to provide safety for the lands. Ark believes in peace and wishes no harm to any Dragon no matter the allegiance. But will defend himself and others if the need arises. He is sociable, open to make friends and will help those who are in need. A truly loyal Dragon. He believes all life is special, where life is for life and he must protect it from those who wish to destroy or hinder it. Upon all of ages hatchlings are the most special, as they are creation it self and killing or harming such is the worst crime.
Hobbies: Mostly Ark spends time doing what interests him, whether its helping the dynasty, exploring or using his abilites to try something new. Along with stargazing and relaxing upon the warm sand of a nearby beach.
Exploration: Ark loves exploring the unknown, whether it be a new cave or mountains.
Stargazing: He also like looking up into the night sky, which he also uses to help him plot areas.
Swimming: Ark loves swimming and exploring the depths.  

Being Threatened: Ark doesn't like being threatened, or others being threatened.
Aggressiveness: Pretty much simple, he dislikes aggressive behaviour  
Bullies: Ark hates bullies who pick on weak Dragons or his friends.

Creativity & Intelligence: One of his main skills he excels within, being able to think on the spot and identify weaknesses. Including his creativity he can look towards creating things to appease others.
Flight Speed: 40 MPH, not the fastest of his kind but his main power is behind his strong frame.
Guardian: Like stated above his frame is stronger than average, being able to take extra punishment from foes he relies on himself surviving and outlasting his opponent.
Using Abilities: Apart from using his own body he would use water abilities to spray the foe at range.  

Slow Manoeuvrability: Being a strong water dragon has its limits, he would struggle to hit smaller and faster foes.
Size: Being quite small among most dragons in the world he could easily be overwhelmed against larger foes.
Disrupting Abilities: Having his mind disrupted or distracted will effect him, loosing his sharp senses would make him lose his edge in battle.

Being Trapped/Away From Water: Being a water dragon, without water effects him badly more  than other dragons. His scales would become weaker and his own strength would suffer.  
Fearing that he would have to see his loved ones perish or he failed to protect them.


Family: Family Deceased as far as he knows.
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A



His story began on a far away island deep into the sea, where his parents where part of an isolated group of Atlanteans. In total there where seven including his parents, still being part of the Atlanteans they had an important task patrolling the south border. Outpost Aqua it was named, based off shore a large island. His parents where happy, and had only became mates 2 years before Arkhor was born.

His father, Tharus was the respected leader among the group, while his mother, Karu was a healer who loved all living beings. In total they where parents to three hatchlings(fry), 1 male and 2 females. They lived happily with the rest of the group, which mostly was made of guardians but having a hunter for scouting and hunting. They where certainly well equipped, prepared for almost anything. But... Sadly it wasn't to last leaving Arkhor alone in the distant Ocean.

On the last day everything was normal at the outpost, routine patrols revealed nothing. It was calm, a almost peaceful night. With The newly born Arkhor with two of his sisters where now at the age of 1. As they quietly slept together, A loud booming roar awoke the family, coming from the Ocean a large group of Sea serpents attacked the outpost almost randomly, Arkhor never really knew why the outpost was attacked but in wake of the disaster he would lose his whole family. The fighting didn't last very long most of the dragons stationed there where in their dens, where most where missing in the aftermath. Ark didnt know how he survived, maybe his parents saved him, or maybe it was just luck. Being found on beach close to the now ruined structure by a routine convoy checking on the outpost he was taken back to the palace where he was raised up with a group of other Atlanteans which later he aimed to follow his father's footsteps.

RP paragraph:
Being a cool summer's day Ark had decided to relax against one of the many islands out in the open sea, seemly his tasks where done for the tribe and he felt like he deserved some time off. Laying against the beach his form on its side stretching as he tried to get some sleep against the warm sand under him. The sound of waves softly brushing over the sand in front of him, pleasing to the ears as he always enjoyed the sounds of the ocean. Not long before he fell asleep his tail curled around a patch of sand, With the island being open anyone could sneak up to him yet he trusted the area along with his own instincts.

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Re: Arkhor - Guardian of Seas

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:26 pm


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