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Sawyer, Dark Ice of the Forest [Wipwip]

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Sawyer, Dark Ice of the Forest [Wipwip]

Post by Sawyer on Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:23 am

General Character Information

Name: Sawyer
Gender: Male
Age: 12 Years
Sexuality: Doesn't know
Species: Dark-Ice Dragon
Dynasty: Forest

Character Appearance

Height: 15 feet
Length: 45 feet [With tail]
Appearance: Dark grey fades into black on horns/tail/wing nubs.
Blue eyes
Cream colored hair from his head down his back
Round scales
Two horns

Personality and Traits

Personality: Bad listener
Never lets go

Hobbies: ¤Sleeping
¤Sneaking out
¤Causing trouble

Interests: ¤Doing things his way
¤Annoying Dragons

Dislikes: ¤Listening
¤Being told what to do
¤Being reminded/Made fun of

Skills: ¤Running - Due to his lack of flight, Sawyer is rather fast on the ground, able to reach speeds up to 75 mph for 2 posts max if he really needs. His comfortable jogging speed is 45 mph.
¤Physical Strength
¤Jaw Strength - Sawyer has a jaw strength like no other. His jaw strength comes in at around 3,700 psi with a big snap. With that, he also never lets go before he wants to, able to keep clamped onto the most wild things.
¤Ice breath - Sawyer can produce an ice-breath under the right conditions [explained under weaknesses].

Flaws: ¤Disability - Ever since Sawyer was born, he has been without wings. This hinders his ability to fly, leaving him grounded.
¤Reckless - He often does things without his head, and being rebellious he's more likely to go do something someone says not to. He also takes up any chance to prove that he's strong and not a mistake.
¤Not a good listener - He doesn't like to listen to others, and when they try to correct him he gets annoyed.
¤Ice breath weaknesses - It has to be at least 30* F outside for him to be able to try and use his breath, and any fire will easily melt it. If it is snowing or there is ice around, then he can produce a breath, but if it's too hot it won't hold for long.
¤Heat - Due to his Ice heritage, he is weaker to heat. This can cause him to be more susceptible to burns, heat stroke, heat exhaust, ect.
¤Hide - His hide isn't the strongest, able to keep off light taps but anything more easily bruises or cuts him.


Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Lazy
RP paragraph: Eh

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