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Current Dynasty Groups

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Current Dynasty Groups

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:52 pm

Dynasty's are groups of dragons who have banded together in order to help one another survive. They live in an area which is inhabited by fellow members of their dynasty. Currently, there are four which have been made. If you wish to join a dynasty created by another member of the site, you must apply to join it. The applications are in the same area as the Dynasty made by another member.

The four groups currently made have been made by staff. These four groups may have their leaders changed in the future, but they must always be allowed to accept new members, no matter who the leader is.

Another thing to note is that each Dynasty has its own unique role/s. Each Dynasty has a max of 2 dragons per unique role. No single dragon can have two unique roles of the same Dynasty or of their Dynasty and another one. To apply for this, you will see an area in the created Dynasty to put in the applications. For more information, see the complete profile for the Dynasty you want to join.

Spectre Dynasty.

Leader – Aeron

Dragons who are attracted to this Dynasty tend to want to live in the dark and numerous cave networks underneath the land. They crave information, wanting to figure out everything they can about other Dynasty groups and dragons. These dragons are sought out for their efficiency and their intellect, as well as information of their organisational techniques. They look for information to better themselves and make their Dynasty a stronger and highly sophisticated group.

Unique rolls.


Atlantean Dynasty.

Leader  - Naunet

These dragons live in and by the ocean side, their homes consisting of incredibly decorative caves. Lovers of colour and decorations make them wonderful for hosting parties and other dragons getting together for celebrations. These dragons are naturally amazing at hunting, the vast oceans and plains around them giving them more than enough opportunities and chances to practice. They are also quite organised and are generally a quieter group. They enjoy watching conflicts and discussions sail past them and act as the mid-ground in diplomatic conversations.

Unique rolls.

Inferno Dynasty.

Leader - Vukan

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD FIGHT?! These dragons are known for their recklessness, their lack of care and sheer brutality in a fight. Their combatants are the best in the land. If dragons choose to go to war, they never want to face off with these hot-headed beasts. Scars and other damaged limbs are things which they don’t mind showing off as it proves that they came out of a harsh fight and lived to tell the tale. These dragons are always seeking a fight, but other dragons are always stopping them from doing so.

Unique roles.

Forest Dynasty.

Leader - Gaia

Nature and the earth itself love these dragons as they are concerned with their how the world around them is. They prefer not to go into wars, hoping that a reasonable arrangement can be made without having to resort to such drastic measures. These dragons are pacifists by nature and have a rather uncanny nack of being able to heal extensive wounds with their knowledge of plants and herbs. The master healer of this tribe is the most knowledgeable of healing wounds – her name is Gaia.

Unique roles.

Currently, there are no other Dynasty groups which have been made by members.

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