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General Site Rules

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General Site Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:14 pm

Hello members, and guests, of Dragons Unleashed!

Here we have some rules that we need you all to follow. If you break any of these rules, you will be given a warning. Then, depending on the severity of the next rule break, a temporary ban of 24 hours will be given. Then a week, then a permanent ban. Permanent bans can be lifted, if sufficient explanation is given to the admins as to why you broke the rules. If you are breaking them for the sake of doing so, we will not be lifting the ban.

1. Respect others.

No one likes to be bullied or harassed. So it's simple. Don't do it. If you do, you will be given warnings and then banned. It's as simple as that. Be respectful and kind to one another.

2. Don't spam.

Don't spam new topics, especially if it's between your character and another character. Sure, finish one and start the next, that's fine. But don't go around making 4+ topics solely between dragon a and dragon b, it's just frustrating. If you have a character app, don't make new ones for every time you make an edit. Just edit the original post. Do not spam new topics showing the same thing.

3. Be patient.

Sometimes it might take a little for your character to be reviewed, depending on how long and comprehensive your app is as well as the number of other apps which are being made at the same time. Just be patient, wait for your app to be reviewed. If it's not reviewed within a week, feel free to bump it.

4. Have fun.

When you guys are all here, we hope that you have a great time talking and doing your RP on Dragons Unleashed!

5. No explicit topics or pornographic imagery.

This includes things like excessive violence, gore, sexual images or anything which can cause unease to people who see them. These things will not be tolerated and any sexual images will result in an ban.

6. No swearing.

Look, even if you have had a bad day, there are other people that should consider before swearing. Swearing can negatively impact the forum and other people around them. Such words will not be tolerated and will result in a warning. Excessive swearing will result in a chat box ban.

7. Don't start drama.
No one likes drama. No one ever has and no one ever does. Do NOT start a giant issue over one small thing that goes wrong. It is stressful for not only the people involved but also the people who have to sort it out. Those people are the staff. Do not cause unnecessary drama and issues.

So yes! Here are just some of the general rules for the forum. Do not break these rules.

~Dragons Unleashed Staff.

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