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Champion Abilities

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Champion Abilities

Post by Aero Dynamic on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:15 am

Hello Guest! Are you curious about special abilities, how to earn them, and how to use them? Then you are in the right place! Below is a short guide about these unique abilities, and maybe one day you can earn one for yourself!

What Are Champion Abilities?
Champion abilities are abilities that are restricted to the Dynasty Champions. Dynasty Champions are a stronger dragon in a Dynasty. They are chosen by the staff. Read about how to increase your chances of getting one below.

The ability of creation is restricted to these Champions. A dragon can create a shadow or fire clone of themselves, but not things out of it. This also includes making things on other dragons, as that is still creating something on them.

Complete manipulation over an element is also restricted to Champions. A dragon can control a bit of air or fire, but complete control is restricted. Heavy-hitting blows and attacks are also restricted to them

How to Earn Champion Abilities

There are three easy ways to gain abilities; post quality, quantity, and effort. This doesn't mean that you can get one by posting a bunch of small, quickly written posts, this is if you combine all of these every time, or almost every time, you post. Any dragon in a Dynasty has a chance to become a Champion, but by following these three things you make your chance a lot higher. But remember, a user is only allowed to have ONE Champion dragon.

Post quality: Post quality would be along the lines of how much information did you give that was meaningful to the plot or rp. If you give one of bad quality, the other rpers won't be able to tell what's going on or have nothing to go off of. This is mostly seen in shorter posts. The longer, more descriptive you make a post the better quality it will be.
Post quantity: The more you post and show that you will be active the higher chance you have of obtaining a special ability. We don't want inactive people hogging these abilities, as it would be no fun to someone else who is active. As long as your posts have quality, the more the better.
Effort: If you think you're terrible at writing a post, think again. If you're trying to put out quality posts and try to improve, then that's effort. You may look at someone and go 'Wow, I bet they barely have to try,' but some day you might too. Everyone starts from somewhere.

Champion Rules

The Champion rules are rather simple and easy to follow. Failure to follow the rules means that your Champion could be stripped of their rank and have their abilities are taken away. You will get one warning before that happens, as we expect Champions to be able to follow rules.

1. Ability Usage
Champion powers may only be used in an Event or if all members of the RP agree to it. Do not be mad at a member if they do not want you to use your powers, just continue to RP like normal. Every member must be aware unless they have left the RP. This must happen for every RP you want to use your powers in.

2. Staff must be informed
Anytime Champion abilities are used, the staff MUST be informed. The staff are only there to monitor the usage of the ability, especially if it's with combat.

3. Activity
You must try and remain active with your Champion. If you warn the staff that you are busy and can not post than you are excused, but if it is seen that you are posted on other accounts you will be given a warning. We don't want people to horde the Champions, so you can do RPs without using the abilities. An effort to keep active with it will be fine, and showing that you try to find and do RP with your Champion will ensure you keep it.

Extra - Creature Info
If you want to make your special ability making creatures out of something, then follow these guidelines or it may not be approved.

Dragon-sized creatures must be limited to 1-2 and around 10 post limit with a 10 post recharge.

Smaller creatures must be limited to at most 5 for 15 posts with a 7 post recharge.
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