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Terminus (Ready For Approval)

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Terminus (Ready For Approval)

Post by Terminus on Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:55 am

General Character Information

Name: Terminus
Gender: Male
Age: 255 years
Sexuality: What’s a sexuality? (Unknown for now)
Species: Dark dragon
Dynasty: Spectre Dynasty

Character Appearance

Height: 64’8” tall, 150’6” long
Appearance: Terminus’ body is a dusty gray color with steel gray protrusions that act like a sort of thin protection from his otherwise fragile body.  He has steel gray spines running down his back and along part of his tail.  On his head is a kind of helmet made out of the same molecular composition as his protrusions.  He has eight horns pointing backwards on his head.  The largest two are higher up and the smallest two are near the bottom of his head.  Terminus’ lower jaw is a little lighter than the rest of his helmet.  His wing membranes are a gun powder color that have the same steel gray protrusions as the rest of his body.  His upper arms are very thin and transition from dusty grey to steel grey.  His forearms are much thicker than his upper arms.  They are steel gray with dusty grey highlights.  His hind legs are abnormally small and do not contribute to his strength at all.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Being friendly is one of Terminus’ specialties.  He gets along with most other Spectre dragons pretty well.  He does, of course, have his moments when he gets aggressive (it actually happens pretty frequently, but he tries to cover it up by being passive-aggressive).  He’s extremely wary of outsiders, but after being around them a while, he can start to begin to trust dragons he hasn’t met before.  Terminus can get extremely anxious at times, especially when fighting or leaving the Spectre Dynasty’s territory.  If he doesn’t have enough social interaction, he becomes increasingly depressed.
Hobbies: Terminus enjoys talking to other dragons and sleeping.  Other ways that he enjoys to pass time are fishing and flying.
Interests: He’s interested in seeing how his poison breath affects other living things.  Terminus likes architecture, even though there isn’t much around, and hopes that someday there will be more for him to look at.  One of the things that he’s most interested in is other dragons’ lives.  He loves to study different dragons’ behavior and moods.
Dislikes: Terminus dislikes leaving the Spectre Dynasty’s territory.  He’d much rather be at home than out in the unknown.  He also does not like loud noises.  He is very sensitive to noise and especially can’t take high frequencies.  Terminus hates birds.  There’s not really a good reason for it, he just thinks that they’re weird.

Skills: Terminus is fairly good at reading emotions.  After studying others for so long, he can tell how a dragon is feeling by the tone of their voice and their body language.  When flying, he can reach speeds up to around 85 mph.  Most of his muscle power is in his wings, which is why he’s able to fly so fast.
Flaws: He sucks at fighting.  He can dodge some attacks at first, but he doesn’t have much stamina.  His attacks are incredibly weak due to what little muscle mass he has in his front legs.  He can’t run very fast either, due to his weak back legs.  Terminus has absolutely no control over his appetite.  If he needs food, that’s the only thing he focuses on until he gets it.  When hungry, he’ll eat almost anything edible, including poisonous berries, which have caused trouble for him in the past.  He’s got a very high sensitivity to sound.  High pitched noises are especially bad for him.  He gets chills and has trouble moving quickly when he hears loud noise.


Family: Whom? I do not recall.
Mate: A what?
Children: Ew no.


History: Maybe later
RP paragraph: The wind was the strongest it had been in years.  Sand and dust flew by as Terminus avoided looking directly into the wind.  He had never had this much trouble getting to the caves before, but he figured that there was always a first for everything.  There’s gotta be another route without wind, he thought as he tried to see his surroundings through the wall of sand bombarding his face.  His muscles were working as hard as they could, which wasn’t very hard at all since he was so weak.  As the rate he was going, he would have taken all day and night to get back to his home.  He struggled for another few minutes before falling on his stomach and sighing.  It was hopeless.  The only way to get back was to wait out the storm, so that’s what he did.

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Re: Terminus (Ready For Approval)

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:09 pm


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