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Aeron, Spectre Dynasty Leader

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Aeron, Spectre Dynasty Leader

Post by Aeron on Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:25 pm

General Character Information

Name: Aeron
Gender: Male
Age: 829
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Abomination. (Rare)
Dynasty: Leader of Spectre Dynasty.

Character Appearance

Height: Aeron is 142 feet tall and 329 feet long.
Appearance: Aeron is covered with a hide that's too tight for his own body. Because of this, sickly spines pierce through his hide and branch out to the sky, acting as spines. His eyes and mouth glow a hideous greeny-yellow colour. His wings are tattered and torn, which hinders his ability to fly. What makes him an abomination is that his skin also glows the odd colour around his chest and legs when he stretches and walks. Aeron's head has a crown of sturdy horns which he can easily use to disembowel a foe.
Aeron Appearance:

Personality and Traits

Personality: Aeron is a rather confident dragon, despite his appearance. He is a natural leader, easily takes charge of bad situations and looks out for the others in his dynasty. However, he might be all this, but he does it in his own way. He is very manipulative and crafty to get what he needs. Due to this, Aeron tends to hide away a little and keep his distance from others around him. Others can see him as cold and cruel. But, silently, he observes dragons from afar to judge just how he can use them to benefit his dynasty or himself.
~He enjoys pouring over maps and scrolls.
~Aeron also enjoys strolls through the wastelands, amused that the toxic atmosphere doesn't hurt him at all.
~Toying with people who decide to go against him.
~Studying others from a distance
~Drinking, yes, he likes to drink alcoholic substances.
~Light and brightly coloured things. He absolutely hates them.
~Energetic dragons.
~Quiet dragons who seem to want something from him for themselves.
~Being interrupted when he is observing other dragons or reading. He'll probably turn around and bite people who do that.

~He is quite agile in the air and can go up to speeds of 80MPH. Turning at that speed is not an issue for him, even if other dragons would black out at that speed, he won't.
~Aeron is rather good at reading his opponents. If that's the flick of their tail for a bait, or if that's an actual attack, he generally would know. That being said, skilled opponents who notice this can play this to their advantage.
~His breath is incredibly poisonous. Thanks to the wastelands which he often visits and his abomination heritage, his breath is a horrible mixture of fire, earth and dark breaths. It burns flesh, corrodes it and then allows his unusual poisons to enter their bloodstream if it isn't cleared away after 2 posts. Unfortunate victims who don't clear it (via dumping it in water, using their paw to rub it off, leafs or basically anything they can find) experience symptoms of dizziness and excruciating pain from the burned and corroded area for 5 posts. After the 5 posts, the symptoms fade. If the injury is left untreated for the remainder of the topic, the dragon can risk permanent damage to the area.

~Terrified of light. He is absolutely terrified of light.
~Over-thinking. In a fight, he will often over think things and attempt to predict what his opponent will do next. That, generally, can end rather badly.
~Fights in general. He isn't a fighter and prefers to let others fall to his breath.
~Another flaw is that he just hates small talk. It's useless and won't significantly help him or others. If you are talking to him, it better be worth his time.


Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Revealed through RP.
RP paragraph:
Rocks pierced into the sky, their stones reaching as high as they could. Dust billowed around, untouched by any form of life. That was until the unfortunate particles landed in a dragon's eye. Aeron recoiled at the touch, a snort coming from him as he rigorously shook his head to rid himself of it. Eventually, it freed itself and he sighed. A manic grin on his face as the dust blew away. This was the wastelands... His home.

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Re: Aeron, Spectre Dynasty Leader

Post by Aero Dynamic on Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:19 am

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